At Saraswati Vidya Vihar, we optimize every minute spent by the students in imparting the school’s core values as well as the ethics. By now, every one of us has realized that the world isn’t that big. We must learn how to collaborate, network at social, cultural, political and economic level to strengthen each other’s reach.

Saraswati Vidya Vihar’s educational philosophy is sustained by the four pillars:

Learn, Care, Challenge, Lead

They support our vision for students to achieve a lifetime of potential. Students explore different interests and experiences through different opportunities provided by the school for personal and social development. From the lower grades itself, students are motivated to participate in various activities so that they have the opportunity to enrich their interests as they move on with their academic and personal life.

In the summer vacation, we offer summer camp that includesactivities related to sports, arts and crafts, language and other professional development academic classes.

The Arts

The arts play a crucial role in a child’s development. Our diverse programme inspires creativity in every student

We believe that unlocking your child’s potential isn’t just about academics.

Our school also offers a broad programme of music, dance, drama and art, encouraging students to be creative, confident, disciplined and inventive.

From an early age, every child is encouraged to pick up an instrument, and also discover singing and dance. As they get older, they get to explore their own musical passions, and discover how to perform both individually and as a group.

Our dance options range from classical and contemporary to more modern styles such as hip-hop. We also enable students to discover painting and illustration.


Vibrant and exciting, dance is an integral part of the performing arts at Saraswati Vidya Vihar. For Elementary students, dance is embedded into PE and music classes.

Semi-classical, Bollywood style and fusion dance lessons are given to the students.


Each school employs a very practical approach to teaching and learning music, which incorporates the key elements of performing, composing and listening.

Our students acquire skills which will enable them to appreciate the music of others, as well as to create music which expresses their own experiences and ideas.

Instrumental music lessons are much cherished by the students.

Visual Arts

Theory and practice in the Arts is dynamic and constantly changing, challenging students to explore new possibilities for creative expression.

Through photography, sculpting, drawing and painting we aim to enhance aesthetic sense of the students while developing a sense of appreciation for creative arts.Immersing students in a creative process develops their confidence in taking risks and challenges their problem-solving skills.

We understand the importance of sports in a student’s life. That’s why we offer a range of outdoor and indoor sport facilities, which are supervised by qualified coaches. Students are encouraged to participate in a number of games to build fitness, reduce stress and most importantly, inculcate sportsmanship spirit.

We believe that exercise is a vital component of student well-being. Students engage in Physical Education as part of their weekly schedules, and we encourage all students to join one of our many sports teams, nurturing school pride with competitive sports.

We encourage young athletes to participate in sport, exhibit good sportsmanship, and work toward achieving their athletic potential. We believe participating in sport helps create balanced individuals, leading to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Positive attitude, discipline, time management, and healthy competition help foster successful individuals.

The opportunity to participate in sports is a privilege and comes with the responsibility that each student maintains a high standard of behavior as well as achieving academically to their highest potential.

As the school grows, highly qualified teachers will train students in a range of sports and athletics such as:

  • Football
  • Track & Field
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics

Every child has their own true calling. It is our responsibility to encourage children to find it by guiding them and providing them with a platform. We encourage students to explore their creativity. Theatre, Art,and Music form an integral part of our co-curricular education. Students are offered opportunities through regular assemblies, workshops and major public productions to present and perform.

We also invite established artists to present their work at the school and share their expertise with the students. A series of well-equipped art, design, music, dance, theatre, photography and filmmaking studios provide space and scope for workshops and rehearsals.

Field trips give our students a better insight to the subject with hands-on experience and interactive learning, thus broadening their perspectives towards every subject.

The School’s trips calendar provides a rich variety of opportunities for pupils to participate in a wide range of cultural experiences and outdoor adventure throughout their time at school. Trips are offered to extend the pupils’ educational and personal horizon.

House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and aims to be an integral part of our school community. In time it is our ambition that the House Captains and the School Council will work together creating a stronger pupil voice to motivate students and further the community spirit of the school.

House System Objectives:

Our aim is to provide every pupil in each house with the following:

  • a sense of belonging within the school community
  • opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills
  • a sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom
  • fun and excitement through competition
  • opportunities for leadership
  • an awareness of individual and collective responsibility

House Organisation

Pupils are assigned to one of the four houses, namely, Spartans, Hercules, Lancers and Titans on entrance to the school where they remain until the last year of their schooling.Each member of staff is also attached to a house.

Each house has its Unique Logo and Motto: