The Saraswati Vidya Vihar emphasizes design, review, development and delivery of its curriculum based on the mindset and skills required to thrive in this fast paced and ever-changing global environment.

At Saraswati Vidya Vihar, we define learning as the process of acquiring new or existing knowledge, values, or skill through practice, training or experience.

Our learning principles lead the process of designing our Pre-school to Grade 12 curriculum. Our curriculum makes sure that as students step through each grade, their ability to build logic increases or sharpens exponentially.

We want our students to be:

  • Self-motivated with strong learning ethics;
  • open-minded, resilient, playful and reflective learners who value and demonstrate integrity, compassion and fairness;
  • Team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills

At Saraswati Vidya Vihar, learning experiences:

  • Are more fun, stimulating and interactive because of technology used throughout our campus, from playground to smart classrooms.
  • are designed to develop overall personal development through rich and diverse academic and extracurricular experiences;
  • use inquiry and problem solving to foster creativity and team-work;
  • aim to develop motivated, confident students with the skills necessary for them to grow independently.


We encourage Project Based Learning so that the students develop content mastery, meaningful work, and personal connection to create powerful learning experiences, in terms of both academic achievement and personal growth. Project Based learning can be transformative for students as it allows creativity and innovation and promotes original ideas. We use this method to create meaningful experiences and knowledge for the students. Projects engage students in solving real-world problems or answering complex questions.


We have a technology-rich learning environment at our school. We are using Smart classes and web content for effective teaching. Interactive classrooms and audio-visual lessons are integral part of our educational programme. Use of technology provides unique and enduring learning experiences and facilitates exploration of new disciplines and advance information.


Saraswati Vidya Vihar is located in the serene and salubrious environs of Asalwas Dubia. Our location gives us the advantage of learning outside the confines of closed spaces and the whole school and surroundings become the class-room. Students can be seen studying, experimenting, learning and exploring in the lap of nature and their experiences become real and enduring.

Students are at the centre of our curriculum. We adhere to the curriculum prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and are guided by the principles of school education as envisaged by National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005. Our curriculum provides enough scope for children to explore, grow and experience themselves and the surrounding world. Concept-driven learning takes centerstage in our curriculum. In addition to academics, Sports, Yoga, Physical education, Environmental awareness, Visual arts, Performing Arts, SUPW and Cultural and Literary activities are integral part of our curriculum. It prepares children not just in professional skills but also develop aesthetic sense, values, ethics and make them responsible citizens.

Through Career and Guidance Program we help every student to explore possibilities – ones that go in tandem with their respective skills and abilities. This not only exposes them to a wide range of opportunities – both in India and abroad – but also helps them choose the right universities and guides them in the college application filling process.

Key Guidance:

  • Working towards developing clarity of purpose in the student’s mind about their academic goals and professional choices.
  • Facilitating and motivating the student to shortlist good – fit colleges, universities and institutions for higher studies in India and Abroad.
  • Providing an update and latest information on changes in International and National application process, SAT exams, application deadlines etc.
  • Counseling and guiding the students to link backwards in choosing their subjects both, after Grade VIII and Grade X levels.
  • Organizing Student Development Workshops, and talks by eminent persons so as to expand the horizon of the student mind.

All our classrooms are large, well-lit and airy to facilitate the learning process.

The classes are digitally equipped with Smart Boards, with content according to the CBSE syllabus. Classrooms become interactive with quizzes, questions, video clips pertaining to the topic in consideration and much more.

Library is a catalyst for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. It reflects collaborative learning and sharing of ideas. Our library also aims at doing just that. A comprehensive array of books enables the students and the teachers to get an access to information, knowledge building, cognitive development and later on a lively discussion. The library periods during the course of the time table ensure that each student gets a fair share of books according to their individual level of understanding and learning.

As aptly put, the library becomes a sanctuary and a mine of treasure and window to the world.

Science education aims to provide scientific literacy for the students as an integral part of school education and to prepare students for further studies. The various specimens and apparatus in the physics, chemistry and the biology laboratories not only succeed in piquing the student’s curiosity but also develops scientific attitude in them. The mathematics laboratory as well as the social science laboratory is the place where students are able to explore patterns and ideas. The students are free to explore the world of mathematics and thus discover and learn the abstract concepts.

Laboratories provide the students with ample opportunities for exploration, experimentation and practical learning.


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